Revitalizing the Community Through Agriculture Technology

Discover how Escondido AgX is transforming farming and supporting the future of food.

Entrepreneurs, Farmers,
Techonologists, and Community Supporters

Discover how Escondido AgX is revolutionizing agriculture through technology
and community engagement.


Unlock your potential and explore innovative solutions in the agriculture industry.


Discover and share best practices and new technology for your farm.

Empowering the community, farmers, and the future of food through Escondido AgX

Discover the transformative benefits of Escondido AgX for the community,
farmers, and the future of food.

  • Explore case studies of what farmers and technologists have done to improve production and streamline operations.
  • Join a quarterly in-person meetup to hear from successful entrepreneurs, meet farmers and share your work.
  • Explore community resources that support agriculture and agtech in Southern California.

Partners and 

Escondido AgX is a public-private partnership between the City of Escondido and Fresh Brewed Tech. The initiative relies on the generous support and expertise of partner organizations.

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Escondido AgX Initiative

Join us in revolutionizing agriculture through technology.

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